Tech21 Evo Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Review: Tech21 Evo Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge


RRP: £34.99 (£25.61 on Amazon at time of writing)


The Tech21 Evo Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a sturdy phone case that claims to protect your phone when dropped from heights of up to 2m – sorry folks, I’m not going to try that drop test, though!

I’ve got the pale pink version with a rose gold trim, but it also comes in black.


The case is made of a special rubber/plastic material the makers call Flexshock, which absorbs and dissipates force when your phone hits the floor. It also has a flip-over screen cover that wraps around the phone and protects the screen from scratches and knocks.

The material of the wrap-around bit is slightly textured, which creates a bit of friction and makes it less likely to slip from your hand.

Tech21 Evo Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

On the inside of the cover, there’s a little slot where you can store a bank card, which is handy because I don’t always want to carry my purse.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a slippery bit of kit – the rounded edges mean it’s not the easiest of handsets to get a good grip on, so the Evo Wallet reduces my paranoia that the phone is going to jump out of my hand as I navigate the pavements or hit a bump in the road.

The case is a very snug fit, which means the volume and on/off buttons can be easily pressed. It also has perfectly aligned cutouts so your cameras and the notification light aren’t obstructed.

It comes with a lifetime guarantee – if it develops a fault “during normal use” Tech21 will replace it for free, so that’s good to know.

One of my fave things about this case is you can flip the cover bit back and it forms a handy stand to prop the phone up in landscape orientation, making it easy to watch films and TV shows.


I’m not a fan of phone cases in general. I feel like it’s akin to putting a baggy anorak on a supermodel. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in particular is a beautiful device – the curved screen gives it a really sleek profile and I really like the pale gold colour. Whack a case on it, though, and you can barely tell it even has the curved screen, plus the majority of the gold is covered up. Needs must, though, if you want that peace of mind.

While it’s not the bulkiest of wrap-around cases, it still adds a good few extra millimetres to what’s already a pretty massive phone. So if you’ve got small hands, this case could make operating your phone a bit more of a struggle.
Tech21 Evo Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

As the case is one of the wrap-around ones, you really need to use two hands to open it and view your phone – not ideal if one of your hands is full. You can actually open it with one hand, but it’s a bit of a fiddly process and not one I’d recommend on the move, although I guess it would give you the opportunity to check out that ‘safe from 2m’ claim …


As phone cases go, it’s a great one. So if you’re a tad clumsy, have a past littered with smashed phone screens or are just looking for a child-proof phone case for your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, this could well be the one for you.

If you don’t want the faff of having to unravel a case every time you want to check the time, this probably isn’t the best option, but something like the Tech21 Evo Frame could be the right job (it looks like it’s basically the same as the one I’m reviewing here, but without the wrap-around bit).

If you just don’t like the look of phone cases, then I guess the only answer is to start being a little more careful!


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