AppKettle Review




AppKettle is a ‘smart kettle’, which essentially means you can connect it to your phone and control it from an app.


Being able to turn the kettle on from the app – ie without having to stand up and walk across the room – may be mighty lazy, but it’s an enjoyable novelty.

It enables you to create ‘favourites’ – so you might set ‘Tea with cold milk’ as a favourite, and make the water heat to 100 degrees; and set ‘Green tea’ as another fave, heating to 70 degrees.

There’s also a scheduling function, so you can make sure it’s freshly boiled in time for your mad morning dash around the kitchen, and it has a handy feature for those with babies. You set the time at which you want the water to be at a formula-friendly temperature and the kettle will then make sure it has boiled and cooled to just above 70 degrees for the time you set.


Turning it on without using the app isn’t rocket science, but it’s also not terribly clear – I’ve had to show a couple of people how to do it. At £129, it’s also pretty pricey.


I’m not the kind of person that has a hot drink at a particular intervals every day – I’m more of a spontaneous tea drinker – so the scheduling function isn’t much use for me. I know some people are pretty religious about that sort of thing, though, so I’d say it’s perfect for them, plus those with babies.


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